Red Alphabet is here

red alphabet 1 copy

It’s here, but probably not for long. You’ll find it at the No Fans shop.

Collodion Remaster

Sonic Oyster Records are making available as digital download a remastered version of the limited CD-R Collodion Positives Volume 1 by me and Andrew Paine. Here’s a link:

collodion positives001


I’m returning to the marvellous Platform in Easterhouse on Saturday 22nd November to play 30 minutes of new solo song. You can find details here:

Red Alphabet in the Snow

You can now pre-order my new acoustic instrumental vinyl lp at:

red alphabet 1

Hey Hey Mie Mie

I’m very excited to be playing as part of the Mie event at St. Pancras Old Church on Sunday November 16th. It’s an excellent bill in an exceptional building. More details can be found here:




Return of the Rotten Masters

Andrew Paine and I will be unleashing the d-beat in support of Magik Markers on Friday 26th September at the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow. Be prompt, our set will be short.