This is Legacy Now

With the launch of I will no longer be posting on this site. I will, however,  keep it up in case there is old information of interest to anyone.


Glasgow Open House

By popular demand, now available as a download:



European Tour

Prestatyn – London – Madrid – Berlin


Starting Friday 15 April, I will be joining Damon and Naomi in a European tour. The routing takes in Stewart Lee’s ATP, London’s Cafe Oto, Madrid’s Clamores, and Berlin’s Gruener Salon.

I’ll be performing as a duo with Damon on drums. At ATP you can also catch a solo show on the Saturday.

Varispeed Etudes Now


Now available in the No Fans webstore, fresh out on Golden Lab Records.

Coming Soon

I’m spending an afternoon with Tony Bevan (master bass saxophonist and alto flautist) and Alex Neilson (ace drummer and pal) at the wonderful Old Hairdressers on Saturday  19th March. It all starts at 2.00pm. You can come along and see/hear the results.



This Weekend in Antwerp


At Stadslimiet, Antwerp, 8pm on Saturday night.

Collodion Remaster

Freshly remastered and now available at bandcamp you can find Collodion Positives Volume 3.

Volume 3